What to expect



"​​Once again, amazed by Brent Holtz work! This is Elle, she was adjusted earlier this week, before her adjustment she was cranky, explosive, and obviously sore. Today, her demeanor was much more relaxed and she was eager to work. Im so happy with her improvement. Thanks Brent!"

"Jon Tuma and I want to thank you so much for all your hard work!! We had a 3 year old female that hadn't gone into heat. Instead of doing a bunch of tests and hormones we did a few chiropractic adjustments and increased her food.... Now we get to have puppies!!! She came into heat this week! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!!"

Patient Testimonials

"She was so out of whack before it took her 30 minutes to wake up in the morning and she looked so sad. She was a breeder dog in a puppy mill and had a broken leg, broken tail and was dying from a mouth infection. 2 years later, surgeries and chiro care she wakes up with a smile on her face. She pounced on the cat last night she was feeling so frisky! A first!"

Equine Appointments

The initial appointment can take 45 min to an hr and involves both a full evaluation and adjustment. Subsequent appointments typically take 25-30 min. The initial evaluation includes examining static posture; observing the horse in a walk, trot, and canter; static and motion palpation of the animal's spine and extremities. Treatment involves on the spot chiropractic adjustment.

Small Animal Appointments

The initial appointment can take 30 minutes for evaluation and treatment. Subsequent appointments typically take 15-20 min. The initial evaluation involves all of the same elements as a large animal appointment including; examining static posture; observing the animal in motion; static and motion palpation of the animal's spine and extremities. Treatment includes on the spot chiropractic adjustment.



​Reduced performance

Abnormal posture

Snapping or pinning ears when being saddled

Insubordination when being ridden

Head tossing or hollowing the back

Swishing its tail and pinning back its ears

Disobedience when jumping

Difficulties with collected or lateral gaits

Changes in behavior

Sensitivity to touch

The back does not swing

Unleveled gait rhythm

Irregular gait which can't be assigned to a particular leg

Stiffness when the horse leaves the stable

Stiffness when bending and in its general posture

Muscular atrophy

Brushing or interfering

Difficulty engaging the hindquarters

Difficulty working "long and low"

Shortened stride in one or more legs

Overall decreased range of motion in gait

Difficulty flexing the poll


Horse pulls against one rein


Reluctance to move

Abnormal posture

Inability to climb or jump

Limited performance

Signs of pain when performing certain movements

Animal lies on only one side

Altered sitting position (so-called "puppy sitting")

Changes in behavior

Frightened or painful facial expression

Sensitivity to touch

Unleveled gait rhythm

Irregular gait

Stiffness after sleeping

Stiffness when bending

Muscular atrophy

Lick granuloma

Sciatica neuralgia

Undefined lameness

Shortened stride

Decreased range of motion

The back does not swing

Signs and Symptoms

Just like with people, chiropractic care works to restore normal bio-mechanics. Being able to move freely leads to the proper functioning of the bodies muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. If the joints in the spine aren’t moving and working properly, it can affect the nervous system’s ability to function. It can cause pain, muscle spasm, soreness, stiffness and affect wait. Chiropractic is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment.

Through careful and precise adjustments to their joints, chiropractic helps reduce inflammation and pressure on the nerves and tissues. This restores optimal movement to the joint, relieves pain, allows the body to heal. The adjustment is performed by hand and is done gently. A chiropractic adjustment is a very specific and quick thrust along the plane of the joint. When the spine and the joints function better the nervous system function better, and helps the animals to be healthier and happier. Which also makes for a happier you!

What is Animal Chiropractic