About the Doc

Claws, Paws & Hooves is a Animal Chiropractic service based out of Shakopee, MN, and traveling the metro and south metro area. Dr. Brent Holtz graduated from Northwestern Chiropractic school and has been practicing for over 15 years. He then attended Options for Animals in Kansas for his Animal Chiropractic license. Dr. Brent has been passionate about animals from growing up on a farm with horses, dogs and cats, to a full house of pets today. His love for animals and chiropractic has come together and he is excited to show people this natural, holistic, integrated way of health. Dr. Brent works closely with your vet to provide the best care possible for your loved ones. 

Bonus! Need an adjustment yourself? Dr. Brent will bring his table along so you can feel just as good as your pet feels!